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Telemarketers Beware...

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It's been working fine for me. The survey a-holes still call, but that's 1% of the crap I was getting.

Excellent. I'm glad I can expect some peace and quiet.
Now if only the police fund drive would stop calling me.

I've ranted about this before, but.... I put my numbers on the DNC list. I don't want t be called. I am in fact actively hostile to be ing called. Just because you *can* call me doens't mean you *should*.

As it stands, I have three phone numbers. All three are on the DNC list. In the space of an hour, the VA state troopers called all three. That is, between 8:30 am and 9:30 am. When was the last time I was coherent then?!
Oh yeah, just love the various police funds. They're persistent.
Just remember that nonprofits are exempt.
Yeah, I noticed that. It made me sad.
allo this is julians friend sarea . i cant seem to find the rest of your contact info. so iam trying this .
bye bye
Oh hey, I've been looking for your contact info. Excellent. I've friended you, so you should now see what I have on LJ. I'll also try to contact you on ICQ/etc.