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No, I don't want to be your friend

I feel special. Today I got my first LJ troll. Over the last while I've picked up a few barnacles, a couple of people from who-knows-where that have added me for who-knows-why (I'll get around to asking sometime), that don't reply to my posts, but they're at least people, so they're ok. No no, this one's different. A journal created today, added about a 100 friends within *1* hour, around a specific interest, and then started to post offensive material specifically targeted at that interest. Yep. No redeeming virtues that I can see.

I've always heard of trolls, and I've met some people who display troll-like behavior, but never one so single minded as this. So I now know how to use the ban_set LJ console command. It's cool! What a great way to say "No, I don't want to be your friend."

Incidentally, the question cropped to my mind, "Why do trolls troll?" Unfortunately this has got me mired in wikipedia reading all sorts of interesting stuff.

Slashdot trolling phenomena
Breaching experiment
Meow Wars
Usenet Death Penalty

Meow Wars indeed. I missed so much stuff back in the day before I had internet. :)
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